Karl H. Ohlberg

Karl H. Ohlberg

Montag, 29 August 2016 15:50

Beijing E-Town Video

Please check out the Beijing E-Town video.

Mittwoch, 12 Dezember 2018 14:00

¿Does Digitization Divide?

In today’s economy, the general trend clearly indicates that some major organizations make use of digitization almost fully while the others only benefit partially, or even worse, just focus on traditional strengths.

Mittwoch, 13 Februar 2019 11:35

¿How Essential is Manufacturing?

With our roots in engineering, and an extensive international ICT background, our current activities are centered around manufacturing. Producing things is fascinating and essential. It is what feeds people, makes them healthy, gives them a roof over their heads, lets them travel around and communicate, just to name a few.

Dienstag, 19 März 2019 13:15

¿What About Innovation Agility?

Since the turn of the millennium, many industries have been subject to strong changes due to digitization, one after the other. Right now, it is the turn of manufacturing. What does this mean for manufacturing industries?

Dienstag, 15 Januar 2019 14:00

¡Special Times–Right Now!

What we see are fast changes, and above all, division. Everywhere we look, we see division, driven by change. On the other hand, our special times are full of opportunities, and there is a realistic chance to create a more human society with the possibilities of digitization and globalization.

The question arises of why the changes are happening now and did not happen decades ago. What is so special about our time?

Mittwoch, 20 Dezember 2017 16:11

Innovation Initiative

Our Innovation Initiative for Manufacturing Industries is based on the insight that the new combination–the so-called synthesis–of existing technologies, concepts, ideas, and knowledge is one of the main drivers in the current innovation landscape. This raises the question where and how to access the most suitable resources.

Dienstag, 05 Dezember 2017 06:01

ICT Portal

The EmpraGlob ICT Portal is geared toward companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. It helps enable international business partnerships in order to facilitate non-domestic market access. The global portal focuses on 52 countries and regions and addresses most worldwide economies on all continents.

Mittwoch, 06 Dezember 2017 22:54

Routes to Global Markets

The path from commoner to king can either go through the crusader stage (e.g., Microsoft) or the baron stage (e.g., SAP). Companies in the baron, commoner, or crusader stage can leverage the services of EmpraGlob to help expand their presence.

Quotes we like

"He who has a 'why' to live for can bear almost any 'how'."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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