¿Does Digitization Divide?

Traditional companies try to understand digitization backwards, with 20/20 hindsight;
but it must be developed forwards, which is uncomfortable for managers
as it entails risk and uncertainty.

¿How Essential is Manufacturing?

By 2030, the total worldwide consumption will nearly double to $65 trillion, which makes manufacturing
a real growth opportunity for all parties involved.

Innovation Agility

The more lively, the more globally connected,
the more diverse, the better.
Actively shaping the required transition
is where our work starts.

¡Special Times–Right Now!

“Europe is changing, the world is growing together.
Global and regional innovation centers are shifting
to Central Asia, Latin America and Africa.”


¿Does Digitization Divide?
12 December

¿Does Digitization Divide?

In today’s economy, the general trend clearly indicates that some major organizations make use of digitization almost fully while the others only benefit partially, or even worse, just focus on traditional strengths.


Our goal is to foster innovation and develop links to foreign markets in our current age of digitization and globalization.

Maria Lohmeier
Innovation Catalyst
Connecting people, connecting cultures,
connecting companies
Karl H. Ohlberg
Innovation Initiator
Bridging the art of innovation from
technology to manufacturing industries
Demi Meng
Beijing Representative
Entrepreneur and
Globalization Enthusiast


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